Viscosity Cup for the Finish Max Sprayer


Tool for quickly checking and measuring the viscosity or thickness of paint, varnish, stains, inks, syrups, liquids and more. Dial in and atomize your paint sprayer properly with the help of the viscosity cup by verifying the coating's viscosity prior to spraying. This simple gravity tool allows the user to time the flow of the coating. To determine the viscosity of a coating, simply dip the cup in the coating until completely full and time how long it takes to run out of the cup.

Run time is determined by lifting the cup out of the coating and timing how long it takes for the coating to completely drain from the cup. With this simple tool you can easily measure and adjust the thickness of a finish to make sure it will spray well in a paint sprayer. The thickness of coatings can be thin like water or thick like honey. This flow property of a coating is called viscosity.

When the coating is too thick for the paint sprayer, it will come out slowly and will spatter, this also can cause visible droplets or a bumpy finish on the surface you are spraying. When the coating is the right viscosity, the spray pattern will look like a fine mist and the finish will be very smooth.

NOTE: Color of cup may vary