bedroom makeover

Bedroom Furniture Makeover

Learn how to makeover your bedroom furniture on a budget and completely transform the look of the space using a HomeRight Super Finish Max sprayer.

I had the opportunity recently to do a bedroom makeover for a sweet couple that is getting ready to celebrate their 20th anniversary. They have never really decorated their space. In fact, they have never even had a headboard! Thanks to the power of paint and my Super Finish Max sprayer, we were able to complete this makeover in a few days and on a budget!

bedroom before

The first thing I did was build them a headboard. Since this was a king sized headboard, and given the current price of lumber, this was the majority of the budget. But it was worth it!

headboard before painting

After I built and sanded it, I used the Super Finish Max sprayer to paint it a warm white. Since unfinished wood sucks up paint like a sponge, I adjusted the dial to let more paint out for the first coat. After that, I turned the dial down to get more of a fine spray for a smooth finish. I love that the spray is so customizable!

spraying headboard with sprayer

TIP: When you paint unfinished wood, the grain will raise after the first coat and it will feel rough. Use a 150 or 220 grit sandpaper to lightly sand it for a professional finish.

sanding the headboard

Next I painted the walls in the room. I chose a bright white for three of the walls and a warm gray for the feature wall. I also painted all of the existing furniture.

painting dresser with paint sprayer

The two dressers didn't match in style or size. But I knew if I painted them the same color, they would look more cohesive.

dressers after painting

After everything was painted, it was time to put the room together! New bedding, lighting, and art finished off the space. I am so happy with how the room turned out, and more importantly, so is the couple.

bedroom after

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