black and yellow cabinet

Card Cabinet Organizer Makeover

Learn how to paint and update a card cabinet organizer using a HomeRight Quick Finish paint sprayer to get a super smooth finish.

I have four boys who are always looking for places to store their “treasures”, (little things like rocks and feathers). When my mom asked if I wanted these old metal drawers that had been collecting dust in her garage, I said yes! I knew that with a little work, these could be perfect!

black metal card organizer

Step 1:

I started off by sanding them with a fine grit sandpaper. This will make it so the paint will adhere better as well as get off any dirt and rust.

sanding card catalog

Step 2:

After you sand, get a damp rag and clean it off really well.

cleaning card catalog

Step 3:

Once it is dry, tape off the handles. I use a razor blade knife to get clean edges.

tape off metal

Step 4:

Lay out a tarp to protect your work area and spread out all the bases and drawers. You are all ready to paint!

drawers on tarp

Step 5:

I used HomeRight’s new Quick Finish Sprayer. It is great for small projects. After I thinned the yellow paint, I was ready to go!

Several thin coats are always better than one or two thick coats. You will not get runs that way and will get an even finish.

spray painting drawers with paint sprayer

The best thing about this new sprayer is that the parts that need to be cleaned separate from the motor so it is easy to clean without risk of getting something wet that shouldn’t.

homeright quick finish paint sprayer in sink

I am so happy with how the drawers turned out. It was such a quick and easy project and they will be the perfect place for all my boys’ treasures!

finished yellow card catalog

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