Chest of Drawers Makeover

Learn how to paint and update an old, antique chest of drawers using a HomeRight paint sprayer to get a super smooth finish.

Do you ever wonder is it too cold to paint furniture? If you have a break in your schedule or the weather, I’m going to show you how you can paint this antique chest of drawers in just a few hours.

Assess Your Furniture Project

Step one on a quick furniture flip should be an inspection of your piece. If you purchased it, hopefully you did that before you paid for it. In this case, the antique dresser was free, sight unseen.

Can you see that there is some discoloration along with a little mildew presence? The color can be dealt with easily because the dresser will be painted. All dirt, grime and mildew must be removed prior to painting.

Make Needed Repairs etc

It didn’t take a lot of inspection to see what needed to be dealt with prior to painting. There were some nicks, and the entire top needed to be smoothed with a sander. I also had to make repairs to one of the drawer bottoms. See more about that here: Easy Antique Chest of Drawers Makeover

Clean Furniture Prior To Painting

TSP is great for degreasing and deglossing furniture before painting.

Wipe down the furniture really well, then allow to dry.

Sand Where Necessary

Sanding the entire antique chest of drawers is not necessary when you’re using a very flat paint such as a homemade diy chalky paint primer. However, take the time to sand any major flaws like this damaged top. You could even replace the top if you’re trying to flip a furniture piece to bring a good price.

Using Homemade Chalk Paint in a Finish Max

I sometimes have a tendency to hold on to paint too long. Because of that, I always strain the latex wall paint before I use it in my Super Finish Max. The paint in the plastic cup has Plaster of Paris added to it to make it have better adhesion to the furniture.

Prepare To Paint

This quick and easy furniture flip was done with the drawers in place. You will notice the knobs were left on as well. I find that many people can truly appreciate good bones in a piece of furniture without having it look perfect!

Of course you can take all the extra steps you want if your antique furniture is in better shape than this old gal.

Gray Primed Antique Chest of Drawers

Painting the chest of drawers on the small furniture dollies allows me to move the chest of drawers off of the drop cloth and into the sun to help the paint dry faster. This is after two light coats of the homemade chalk paint mixture. What’s the pretty color? Gray Flannel by Behr.

Add a Topcoat to Antique Furniture Flip

The chalk paint is very flat, which allows it to easily stick to the furniture. However, that means it needs to be sealed in some way. You may use a poly product or wax. I prefer to do a topcoat using the latex wall paint without the addition of the plaster of paris.

Beautiful—But Not Perfect Furniture Flip

I absolutely LOVE the neutral color of this antique chest of drawers. I hope someone can really appreciate her even with her flaws!

See more of my projects here on the Homeright DIY site. Click here: Flannel Gray Antique Chest of Drawers if you’re interested in seeing more details about this makeover.

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