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How to Clean an Area Rug

Freshen up your area rug using the SteamMachine

Project Steps

After a long and muddy Minnesota winter this mud room rug needed a good cleaning. Here is a photo of the rug before cleaning.

Area Rug Before Cleaning770x770

The SteamMachine with the large brush floor attachment works great for cleaning an area rug. This project took less than 10 minutes.


Vacuumed the rug really well and shake it outside if temperatures allow.

Close up rug before text770x770


Spray oxi clean on the rug in the dirty areas. Let is sit for a few minutes, then run the SteamMachine with the large brush attachment over all areas of the rug. Make sure to attach a cleaning cloth to the large brush.


Use the SteamMachine to steam all areas of the rug. Typically it takes 3 passes over each area.

SteamMachine Cleaning Area Rug


After the steaming is finished, vacuum the area rug again.

Before beginning this project test a small area before cleaning the entire rug. Also consult the rug care instructions.

Rug After Cleaning 770x770

Rug after cleaning close up 770x700

For more tips on using the SteamMachine check out cleaning tips.

Best Way to Clean a Rug_ Use Chemical-Free Steam with the HomeRight SteamMachine

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