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How to Clean Glass Shower Doors (Even If You Have Hard Water!)

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Because we live in an area that has hard water, I have been hunting for YEARS for the easiest way to keep our glass shower doors clean. Believe me, I've tried almost everything! Last year, I shared this post that recommended a homemade cleaner + the SteamMachine (


My daily shower cleaning involves using a squeegee just to get the beads of water off the doors; that's honestly half the battle. Then about once a week, I spray Grove Collaborative's Orange & Rosemary Tub & Tile Cleaner on the shower doors, faucet, and tile and give everything a quick wipe-down.

About once a month, I use my HomeRight SteamMachine to really deep clean the shower from top to bottom. There's a new SteamMachine--did you know that? It's the SteamMachine Elite, and I'll be demo-ing one soon, but I also love my 53 model--I use to it to clean and sanitize literally the entire house!

All I do is give everything a spritz of cleaner, let it work for a few minutes, then tackle the glass doors with the SteamMachine's squeegee attachment.

Squeegee for SteamMachine

I promise that if any hard water stains or soap scum managed to make a home on the glass doors, the SteamMachine's 290° steam and 55 psi of pressure are going to knock it loose!
Then I put the large nylon brush on to get all the nooks and crannies in the door track and around the faucet. If it's your first time using the steam cleaner and you have really hard crud deposits, use the small brass brush for extra friction.

Cleaning a shower with SteamMachine

Since I've been doing a pretty good job of keeping up with my daily and weekly cleaning, letting the SteamMachine works its magic on the shower only takes a few minutes. Then I just wipe down the tile and doors with a clean cloth and enjoy the sparkle that I achieved without harsh chemicals. I can almost smell the clean!

As I mentioned earlier, we've been loving the SteamMachine for years now, so head on over to 11 Magnolia Lane if you'd like to read more SteamMachine posts like: Natural Spring Cleaning, How to Remove Wallpaper and Making Your Car Sparkle.

How to clean glass shower doors

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