How to Clean and Sanitize an Area Rug

Spring cleaning season is just around the corner! Learn how to clean your area rugs using chemical free steam to refresh and sanitize the carpeting.

If you love spring cleaning, you are going to want to check this out. Cleaning area rugs should be an important part of your spring (and fall, and maybe even more often) routine, but I would venture to guess that they do not get cleaned and sanitized too often. So today I am sharing how easy it is to clean and sanitize an area rug.

I always remember to vacuum my rugs, but actually deep cleaning and sanitizing them? It can feel overwhelming and confusing and I don’t do it as often as I should. But that all changes today because I just discovered this easy way to clean and sanitize them that only takes a few minutes of time! Woot woot!

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Begin by vacuuming your rug on both sides and while you are at it, vacuum the floor where your rug was laying. I am just saying…it’s probably been a hot minute since you’ve done that. (I am guilty too.)

If you are able to wash your rug in the washing machine, feel free to wash and dry it here. Regardless though, you will want to continue on to fully deep clean and sanitize your rug.


Next, you will fill your SteamMachine reservoir with distilled water. Place the attachments onto your SteamMachine (I used one segment to make the handle longer and the fabric steamer attachment) and press the button to turn it on. Let is heat up thoroughly.


After the SteamMachine is fully heated, you can pull the trigger to let the steam out. You will simply allow the steam to pass over the entire rug.

I love steam cleaning my area rugs because there are so many amazing benefits to it. Here are a few of my favorite reasons:

  • It is easy to clean and sanitize it.
  • When you can’t use a washing machine, steam cleaning is a great alternative.
  • But even when you can wash and dry your rug, steam cleaning it also sanitizes it!
  • Chemical-Free Cleaning!
  • Your rug will be refreshed.
  • Steam Cleaning can kill dust mites, and no one wants dust mites.
  • It can loosen and dissolve dirt and help to cut grease and grime while expelling stains.
  • It can sanitize your rug by killing up at 99% of bacteria.
  • Let me say that one again…it can kill up to 99% of bacteria. This is amazing and probably my favorite reason I steam clean my rugs!


Remember to let your rug dry completely before you put it back into place in your home.

And check out my blog HERE for a few more details on why I love to use this Steam Cleaner in so many areas of my home and how to use it to sanitize so many surfaces!

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