Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Home During Flu Season

Cold and flu season is in full swing! Learn how to clean and sanitize your home to keep flu and cold bugs at bay using chemical free steam.

Today we are sharing a natural way to keep your house clean and sanitized during cold and flu season.

This can be a hard time of year, between the short days, the cold weather, and the germs everywhere there is a lot not to like! There isn't much I can do to control my kids' exposure to germs, but I can do everything I can to keep our house safe, clean, and sanitized.

One way to kill cold and flu germs is with chemical sprays containing bleach but I prefer to limit our use of those types of toxins. They have their own side effects, so I am always on the lookout for safer ways to clean, that is why I use the HomeRight SteamMachine Elite.

The Steam Machine cleans and disinfect without using chemicals, instead it uses a pressured high-temperature steam that gets rid of 99% of surface bacteria. The hot steam also cleans your surfaces while it's disinfecting so you can get both of these useful benefits with just one cleaning tool.

It takes just a few minutes to sanitize all your surfaces with the Steam Machine. Using the nozzle tool, you just spray the hot steam over any durable surface. At this time of year, be sure to pay special attention to surfaces that get touched often such as door handles, appliance knobs, and other places that breed bacteria like sinks, faucets and countertops. After spraying, a microfiber towel (provided with the machine) is perfect to wipe down any remaining steam residue for a sparkling, clean finish.

In addition to the sanitizing benefits, the Steam Machine makes quick work of other, often dreaded, household cleaning tasks. The Steam Machine is perfect to use on those hard to clean places like inside the oven, range tops (especially the iron grates), around the water dispenser in the fridge door and especially the kitchen trash can. It takes seconds to clean what otherwise would be time-consuming and unpleasant jobs.

Bathrooms are another area that benefits from regular steam cleaning. Not only does the steam loosen any stuck on toothpaste and other unmentionable bathroom messes, it also sanitizes those surfaces where germs can be hiding. Make sure to steam your door handles too, since they can often accumulate all sorts of germs and bacteria.

HomeRight SteamMachine Elite comes with all sorts of attachments with different cleaning uses, it is a multi-use household tool that helps keep you and your family healthy. At this time of year, this is definitely good news!

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XO, Amy

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