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How to Convert a Boring Shed into a Dream Workshop

Give your shed an interior and exterior makeover with a HomeRight sprayer and create the space of your dreams!


When we purchased our house, I dreamed of turning this shed into my dream workshop and now that is a reality! There isn't a single surface in this shed that remained untouched and the star of the show was definitely my HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer.

Step 1: Paint Walls and Ceiling

I painted the walls and ceiling white to brighten things up and of course I used my Finish Max paint sprayer. I'm always shocked at how a fresh coat of paint truly can breathe new life into a space. It’s so much brighter, right?

Step 2: Floors

With the walls and ceiling painted, it was time to focus on the floors. I wanted something fun but not too busy, so I settled on this pretty but simple geometric pattern. All you need to create this pattern is some tape - no stencil required!

Step 3: Pegboard

I needed this space to be more than just beautiful, I needed it to be super functional as well. So I built a paint can shelf and installed a pegboard (both of which I painted with my paint sprayer, of course). Then I used three Alex drawer units from Ikea and hacked them to create this miter saw station that I am completely obsessed with.

Step 4: Exterior

It's hard to pick a favorite part of this project, but I cannot get over the exterior changes! The white is much more my style than the yellow was and the splash of color on the door gives it the perfect feminine touch. And for reference, each side of the shed took me 7 minutes per coat. That's right, 7 minutes!! Thank you Super Finish Max paint sprayer.

Step 5: Enjoy

I truthfully could not be more pleased with how this space turned out. It is the perfect balance between beauty and function and it's going to be the perfect space to work on all my future projects in!

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