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Last month I shared the reveal of a room I decorated for my nephew. There was one project that didn’t quite make it into the blog post. I finally completed it and I am ready to share these under bed storage drawers! Even though this room has two large closets, you can never have enough storage, right? The easy to roll out drawers make good use of normally wasted space under the bed.

I built them using left over pieces of OSB and plywood. I bought the 1x10s for the drawer fronts. I love projects that help me shrink my scrap wood pile! They are simple boxes with butt joints. Nothing fancy but are very durable.

After they were built, I sanded them really well and wiped off the dust. Since it is still snowy and cold here in Utah, I converted the unfinished part of our basement into my temporary workshop so I could paint them. I used my favorite painting tool, the Super Finish Max paint sprayer!

After the first coat is dry you will notice that they are rough to the touch. The grain raises when it gets wet with the paint and then dries that way. You will need to lightly sand the drawers again, wipe them down, and then you can add another coat. The raw wood soaks up a lot of paint, so it took about 3 coats.

Once the paint was dry, I added the casters to the bottom of the drawers. This will allow them to slide out easily from under the bed. I also added some leather handles that I made. The leather detail coordinates with the leather headboards.

I am really happy with how these turned out. They were so simple to make and even easier to paint thanks to my Super Finish Max sprayer.

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