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DIY Coffee Bar

Learn how to make a handmade, DIY coffee bar for your kitchen area using a HomeRight paint sprayer to spray a nice, smooth finish.

Don’t blink! If you do, the holidays will blaze right past you. I literally blinked and my trees have turned color and are dropping their leaves. Wow! Today, I am all about creating a welcoming space for not just my family, but also my guests too for the holidays. What better way than to create a DIY coffee bar with tea and cocoa too. Let’s get started!

There’s no need to worry about breaking the bank to create such a space. Grab that thrifted dresser, desk, buffet, or cabinet. You can take those pieces and add casters and even a drop-leaf for added function. Take this cabinet I found that isn’t high-end quality, but still solid wood with plenty of potential. It has drawers, a side with extra storage, and even a drop-leaf (though the hardware to support it is long gone). Also, it’s on casters which are a huge bonus, in my opinion. You can add casters to furniture with a little know-how.

cabinet before painting

First, our goal is to make this piece as functional as possible, while adding some fun too. To do that, I sanded off the top and leaf down to bare wood. Then, I used my saw with guide to make shallow cuts in the drawer fronts to give them a crate-like feel. You can see how I did it in this chest I did HERE. In addition, to making repairs, I also cut and added an extra shelf to the cabinet side to make it more functional.

repairing cabinet

Next, it’s time to break out some of my favorite tools – my HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer and Large Spray Shelter . I can’t say enough how wonderful these tools are. The tools are simple enough for the average folk to use, but offer professional results.

cabinet in shelter

Next, I make sure to wipe down the surfaces I’m painting with a 2:1 water/vinegar mixture. Then, I fill up my canister with a soft white paint and thin according to manufacturer instructions. Last, I practice a bit on scrap wood or cardboard to make sure my flow is to my liking. Now, I’m ready to spray. Yay! The sprayer makes for a 10 minute job to get the first coat on. You can’t beat that.

spraying cabinet

spraying inside cabinet

While I let my first coat cure, I switch out my sprayer to paint my louver cabinet doors with a contrasting color. Who loves to paint louvers by hand? Not me for sure. Plus, the clean-up of the sprayer is so simple that I can switch from paint to stain to poly in no time.

spraying drawers

Before I add the finishing touches to the DIY coffee bar, I need to add the new hardware for the drop leaf after I apply a stain and poly. These are modern and also more functional than you vintage counterparts. Plus, they can hold much more weight over time.

drop leaf hardware

Finally, I add the extra touches of typography, drawer lining, and take a step back to enjoy my update. Isn’t it fun? Now my dated, boring cabinet has spunk and plenty of space to welcome my family and guests with a warm “hug”. Nothing better than gathering around with a hot cuppa coffee, tea, or cocoa, and sharing memories.

finished coffee bar

I’m excited to share this with you in hopes to inspire you to tackle a DIY project of your own. Feel free to ask any questions. Likewise, I invite you to come see my other DIY projects from furniture, to remodeling, sewing, crafting and even my online shop at Prodigal Pieces. Until next time!

finished coffee bar

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