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DIY Driveway Fence and Pet Area

Learn how to add a driveway fence and pet area to upgrade your outdoor space with a HomeRight sprayer.

We recently added a fence to our driveway and fixed up the side of our garage. It had been an eyesore for way too long.. This project has been on our to-do list for a few years now. We even had most of the supplies in our garage for over a year. Who knew there would be a fence panel shortage along with everything else? As soon as we were able to secure enough panels, we got to work adding a fence along our driveway. This project not only gave us more privacy, but upped our home’s curb appeal.


The narrow space next to the garage is not usable for many things. Our Frenchie, Kevin, uses it as his potty area. It has been a weed patch and he ends up tracking in mud after a storm. This space needed a makeover!

before garage driveway

Step 1: Staining with a Sprayer

I have stained and painted fences with a brush, a roller, and a sprayer. I am here to tell you that HANDS DOWN the easiest and fastest way to stain a fence is with a sprayer. Especially if you have a long stretch of fencing, you are going to want to make this job as easy as possible. I used my Super Finish Max.

staining stain on fence

Because I wanted to minimize how much I was traipsing in my neighbor’s yard and I didn’t want to risk getting stain on the concrete driveway, I opted to spray the panels before attaching them to the posts. I have to say, painting furniture is fun too, but watching the stain go on a fence so quickly is SUPER satisfying!

spraying stain on fence

Step 2: Garage Area Makeover

For the side of the garage, we opted to use pet turf. It is similar to regular astro turf but has better drainage and a slightly shorter pile. This will help the area look well kept, keep weeds down, and help with the muddy paws situation. I am hoping it lasts for years to come! The window got a fresh coat of paint and some shutters. I think Kevin likes his new space!

frenchie dog in pet area

Step 3: Enjoy the new look

The fence has really added curb appeal to our driveway area and I love not having a weed patch by the garage. Do you have any projects you have been putting off? I’d love to hear about your upcoming projects!

after driveway fence

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