fall porch makeover

DIY Fall Porch Decor with a Paint Sprayer

Learn how to makeover your porch this fall with festive autumn crates that you can spray with a HomeRight paint sprayer to get a smooth finish.

We have had such a warm Fall season that it felt like an extended summer so for a long time I hesitated to decorate for Fall. But recently the temps have felt like autumn and the pumpkins in my garden were finally ready to harvest, so I decorated my porch for Fall!

fall crates

My porch had some stains left by the summer planters so I ordered a larger rug that would hide them. It was gray so I took that as a starting off point for my porch decor this year. I had some baskets already that I knew would be big enough to hold the mums, but I needed something else to go with them.

sprayer and shelter with crates

I bought these crates and liked that they were a little different from each other. I painted them gray to tie them together and to match the rug.

painting crates with a sprayer

Thanks to my handy dandy Super Finish Max sprayer, it was easy and FAST to paint the crates. The sprayer gives it a nice, even finish. I prefer several thin coats over one thick coat. I think the project looks better in the end and you are less likely to have drips. It was a bit rainy that day (even though it was sunny) so I used my spray shelter to keep the rain drops off my project while it was drying in between coats.

painting a phrase on fall crates

After the crates were dry, I stenciled a cute Fall saying on one of the crates. It is an easy DIY that adds a little something extra to the overall look of the porch. I made the stencil with my Cricut but you can find pre-made stencils on Amazon and at craft stores.

fall crates using a paint sprayer

I love the crates because they help add height and dimension to the tiny space. The mums, pumpkins, and cabbage are the perfect touch and go well with the gray.

fall porch crates

Do you decorate for Fall? I’d love to hear what you use to decorate for this fun season!

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