DIY Freestanding Stocking Lantern

Create a freestanding Christmas stocking holder that looks like a vintage street lantern by following this step-by-step tutorial.

Today I’m sharing how to make a freestanding Christmas stocking holder that looks like a vintage street lantern. It looks so festive by the tree that you’ll want one even if you already have a fireplace mantle to hang your stockings! You can find links to my supplies and even more detail in the instructions in my own post on


  • HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer
  • HomeRight Medium Spray Shelter
  • Newel post or 4 x 4 post
  • ¾” plywood, 10” square, 6” square
  • ½”plywood, 4 ½ inch square
  • 2 ft - 1” decorative trim molding
  • Wood dowel 5/8”
  • Miter saw
  • Drill
  • Brad nailer - Optional
  • Spade bit, 5/8”
  • Sand paper
  • Black satin latex paint
  • Solar lantern with flickering light
  • Faux greenery spray
  • Single hooks
  • Screws 2-3”

Step One: Cut Base and Top

Cut one 10 inch and 16 inch square from the ¾ inch plywood. Cut one 4 ½ inch square from the ½ inch plywood.

Next, Set your miter saw to 45 degree angle and cut the frame out of the 1 inch trim for the top platform.

Step Two: Prepare the Post

Cut the top ball off of the newel post with a miter saw. If you are using a 4 x 4” post, cut it to the height you’d like your standing stocking holder. Next drill a 5/8” hole in the post all the way through near the top.

Cut the dowel to length to have about 3-4 inches sticking out on either side. Slide the dowel in and center it in into the stocking holder post.

Step Three: Assemble the Top

Use wood glue and attach the 4 mitered trim pieces to the top platform edges. Rest it on a flat surface when positioning the trim so the trim will create a lip about ¼” high. This will hold the LED lantern in place.

Optional: When the glue is dry add a few ½’ brad nails around the trim to secure.

Step Four: Assemble the Base and Attach to Post

Center and glue the 6” square on to the 10” base. Allow it to dry, turn over and drill 4 countersink pilot holes in the center. Attach it to the newel post with 2 ½” screws.

Step Five: Attach the Top to the Post

Center the top and attach with 2 ½” screws.

Step Six: Paint the Christmas Stocking Stand

I used my HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer and with blue spray tip for this project. Because the paint was as thick as pudding, I thinned it down quite a bit with water until I had the consistency of chocolate milk.

Step Seven: Add Hooks and Faux Greenery

Add a hook on each side of the post so the standing Christmas stocking holder will hold two more stockings. Last, tie a spray of faux greenery around the top and place the lantern on the platform.

Step Eight: Enjoy!

I’m thrilled I was able to get out one more holiday decor project this season. My HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer and paint shelter saved me a lot of time and made this possible.

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