stained backyard gate

DIY Stained Backyard Gate with a Paint Sprayer

Learn how to create and stain a DIY backyard garden gate with the help of a HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer to apply the stain.

We have had this project on our to-do list for years. Recently we have had stray dogs and some deer getting in our backyard so to protect our garden and chickens, we pushed this backyard gate to the top of our list. It is a pretty simple DIY projects, especially if you use the right tools and know a few tricks!

stained garden gate

I built a basic frame for a gate which is a rectangle out of 2x4s with a cross board from corner to corner for added support. The frame was shorter than what the finished gate would be. I bought enough pickets to cover both sides.

building garden gate

Once all the pickets were screwed onto the frame, I marked where the top of the arch needed to be and where the frame ended (see arrows on photos).

cutting garden gate

Using string, a tack, and a pencil, you can create an arch connecting those two marks. Play around with the placement of the string to see how far down the string needs to be tacked in order to get the correct angle.

Tip: Nail on a board before you cut the first arch. This creates a pattern that you can use to trace on the other side of the gate to get a matching curve.

Once the gate was assembled and cut, I sanded it well and wiped off the dust. I placed a tarp over the fence to protect from any overspray. Now it was time to stain!

gate before staining

I used the Super Finish Max sprayer from HomeRight. After using a sprayer to stain my fence years ago, I will never use a brush or roller again. A sprayer makes things so fast and so easy. They are less messy too.

spraying stain on garden gate

After the stain had fully dried, we put the gates in place and added the beautiful crystal knobs. I am so happy with how it turned out!

stained backyard gate

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