diy veggie storage bin

DIY Vegetable Bin Furniture Flip

Learn how to create a DIY vegetable bin from an old piece of furniture with this fun furniture flip you can do with a Quick Finish sprayer.

As an avid gardener, I usually have a lot of produce that needs to be stored. And I have limited space in my pantry. I have been eyeing some vegetable racks and bins in gardening magazines, but they are pretty pricey. I decided to convert an old cabinet into a vegetable bin!

diy veggie cabinet

I had a general size I wanted and I had planned on cutting the center of the door out to add wire mesh. I have been scouring the online classifieds for several months. Low and behold I found not that not only was the perfect size, but one that already had wire mesh! I paid a bit more than I would normally for second hand furniture, but it saved me the time and effort of converting the door. The previous owner had painted it white and sanded it to give it a shabby chic look. It was cute but didn’t fit the style of my home. Sometimes a makeover isn’t about improving, but rather making it our own.

cabinet before painting

Since the previous paint job was well done and the piece was in good shape, there was very little prep involved. I lightly sanded and then cleaned it really well. I decided to just take the mesh off before painting rather than taping it. I don’t like to waste tape if I can help it. I moved it outside and put it in my handy dandy spray shelter.

spray shelter and furniture

I used my Quick Finish sprayer for this project. I love to use it for smaller projects! It is so easy to clean too, which is my favorite thing about it.

painting cabinet with quick finish

I had the first coat done in a few minutes. While it was drying I did other yard work. After a few light coats of paint, it was ready to come inside to get reassembled!

painting cabinet with quick finish

I put the mesh back on with upholstery staples and added new black hardware. I also gave the shelves a makeover. They were particle board so I couldn't sand them down and stain them. I really don’t like to waste things, so I decided to make them work by adding wood grain contact paper to them. I used scrap 1x2 boards from my garage to make the front look like a little crate! I stained them to match the contact paper.

diy veggie cabinet

I really love how it turned out and I’m excited to get it set up in my storage room. I am curious, how do you store your root vegetables and squash?

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