DIY holiday tree decor

DIY Wooden Holiday Tree Decor

Learn how to make DIY wooden holiday tree decorations for your home using a HomeRight Quick Finish paint sprayer to apply the finish.

Hi I’m Wendi from Today I’m going to share with you how to make a set of freestanding tabletop Christmas Trees for your holiday decor.

I’ve also made a short video tutorial to show you the steps to making a tabletop set of trees like mine. Visit my website, to download the free tree templates.

Supplies needed to make a set of freestanding Christmas trees.

Step 1

Trace the trees onto the chipboard using the graphite paper. Download my free tree templates or draw three sets of different size trees.

freestanding holiday decor tree

Step 2

Cut out each set of trees with a jigsaw. Cut the center slices out first and then the outline of the tree.

cutting tree shape from wood

Step 3

Sand the edges of the trees lightly with a sanding block or high grit sandpaper.

sand wooden edges

Step 4

Add a pattern texture to one side of each tree using glue. I used small circles on one, dots on another and a plaid pattern on the smallest tree. Do not add any texture to the center portion where the tree will slide over the other tree part. Allow to dry overnight. Turn over and add the same pattern on the other side.

add texture with glue

Step 5

Assemble the trees by sliding one piece over the next. They will stand up.

assembled holiday tree decor

Step 6

Paint the trees with the gold craft paint and a HomeRight Quick Finish Paint Sprayer. I diluted my paint slightly with water and applied two coats of paint to each tree allowing it to dry between coats. Painting is easiest when the trees are standing upright on a lazy-susan while spinning it to apply and even layer of paint al over. Allow to dry completely.

spraying trees with homeright sprayer

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diy holiday decor

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