Easiest Way to Paint Shutters

We have been working on upgrading the curb appeal on our house for a long time. We’ve added planters, flowers, decor and even painted our front door. To make a bigger impact, we decided to paint our shutters! We wanted to share with you the easiest way to paint shutters and make an impact on the curb appeal of your home!

Painting shutters is so simple. Start by taking your shutters off the house and then clean them up. Wipe them down to remove any dirt and spiderwebs and scrape off any paint that might be chipping.

The easiest way to paint shutters is to use the HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer. We love how compact and light the Super Finish Max sprayer is and how well it sprays. The paint stream is always consistent and even and makes a project like painting shutters super easy. This is a critical element to getting in the nooks and cranies of the slats of shutters.

To see the full start to finish easiest way to paint shutters, please head over to our blog at CharlestonCrafted.com! While you’re there, check out some of our other awesome projects as we show you how easy it is to try DIY!

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