diy white bench

Easy Bench Makeover

Learn how to paint and update a wooden bench using a Super Finish Max paint sprayer to get a super smooth, flawless finish with no brush marks.

I had this bench in my garage and it had seen better days. I am currently working on creating a fun space for my boys and need to furnish it. I thought this storage bench would be the perfect addition and could hold Legos, puzzles, and board games. It needed a face-lift and I knew I had the best tool for the job, the the Super Finish Max Extra Sprayer! Giving an old piece of furniture a new look is easy and can been done in a day or two. Here are 5 simple steps to a whole new look!

storage bench before painting

Step 1:

Sand the surface with a medium grit sandpaper. This will rough up the surface enough that the paint will adhere better. It also helps get rid of grime.

sanding wood with sandpaper

Step 2:

Using a damp rag, clean the dirt and dust off. Paint sticks better to a clean, dust free surface. Allow it to fully dry before painting.

cleaning bench with rag

Step 3:

Make any repairs and fill dents and scratches with putty. Make sure to use a sandable, paintable putty.

Step 4:

Remove any hardware and tape off anything you don’t want to get painted. I decided I wanted the inside to stay dark so I covered it up. Protect your work area by laying out a tarp.

*Bonus tip: I add scrap wood under the furniture I am painting so it won’t stick to the tarp.

taped off drawers

Step 5:

Use a quality paint sprayer for the best results. The Super Finish Max gives furniture a super smooth finish! Fill it with your choice of paint that is thinned as needed. Add several thin coats of paint, allowing each coat to fully dry before adding the next one.

painting bench with sprayer

Once the final coat is dry, you can remove any tape and add the hardware back on the piece. I am so happy with the final result!

diy white bench

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