How to Flock a Christmas Tree

Create a snowy, white Christmas tree by using flocking powder and the HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer.

Flocking a Christmas tree, whether it’s real or fake, is an awesome way to add lots of texture and whimsy to your farmhouse Christmas decor. Each year we cut our own trees down, I find myself wondering how to make flocking the tree go a little quicker. This year we thought about using my HomeRight Super Finish Max sprayer to mist the tree, instead of using a squirt bottle! I love our results, and it was much quicker. Let’s do it!

Supplies Needed:

Step One

We set up our fresh-cut Balsam Fir Christmas tree in the living room and tarped off the entire area, and under the tree. Covering as much of your area as possible with tarps or drop cloths will save you so much time cleaning up the powder that might fly around, should you need to do this indoors. If you can, take it outside.

Step Two

Fill your sprayer with water, and your sifter with flocking powder. Grab a stool and start misting the tree in a downward motion (just to avoid water overspray), in a small area you're flocking. I prefer to work from the top, down.

Step Three

Gently shake the flocking powder down onto the wet branches. Do as little or as much as you want, where you want! I love to do random big mounds of flocking for a natural look, but you may do whatever you prefer!

Step Four

At this point, you'll need to lightly mist the flock again to set the powder. To achieve this with the sprayer, you'll need to hold the sprayer a little farther than arms-length and spray while aiming downward. The downward angle at a distance will prevent the flock from blowing off (or all over the place), while the added water will help set the powder. Any flocking that blows off, will land farther down the tree! Repeat your mist-shake-mist process until you've gone around the tree and achieved your perfect look. Let the flocking powder dry, then decorate!

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