Interior Painted Brick Wall

Learn how to paint an interior brick wall by using the HomeRight PaintStick EZ-Twist to make quick work of the project and reach into the crevices.

For years I have sat at my desk staring at this brick wall trying to decide what to do with it. The room was originally built as a sunroom in our house, but we removed the doors to the sunroom and opened it up to the main part of our living room/dining room/kitchen open concept area. So now this space is really just an extension of our main living area and added about 300 sf to our overall space! Because I find the space very dark and outdated, I knew I wanted to paint the brick and then start on painting the wood a warm white color to brighten it up and make it a happier place.

Today I wanted to show you this Interior Painted Brick Wall Tutorial using the HomeRight PaintStick EZ-Twist Paint Roller. The EZ-Twist makes this project SUPER easy and clean up is even easier! Let’s get into it...

To start on this project, you’ll need to tape off the walls so you don’t get paint where you don’t want it. Once taped off, we laid down our drop clothes and started cutting in on the brick. Cutting in is probably the hardest part of this because painting brick with a paint brush is very time consuming and requires a lot of paint to get into all the crevices.

Once all the edges were cut in, we got to work with the HomeRight EZ-Twist Paint Roller.

Why the EZ Twist you ask? The EZ-Twist Paint Roller requires no Roller Tray and no drips, and no mess!! The EZ-Twist is great because you can use it to pull paint directly from the paint can and it holds the paint in the handle, which eliminates the need for the traditional paint roller tray (you know--the one that you have to clean up and causes drips and spills). Less back and forth to and from the tray!

The twistable handle on the EZ Twist Paint Roller controls the flow of paint and makes the . painting process easier. You can paint a whole room way faster with this genius tool!

Because brick walls can soak in paint a lot more than a normal wall, we like to leave our brick walls taped off for 24 hours after we paint them to ensure that we don’t need to do a third coat. Sometimes two coats is enough and then once the paint dries, you start to see uneven places that didn’t look like that day before. So we have left the paint up for now to ensure we don’t need a third coat first.

I really love how much brighter the room is now, but we definitely need to get started on painting the sunroom white to brighten the space up even more. There’s always a project to be done and the EZ-Twist will be used on our next project, especially as we start tackling the ceiling!! Stop over at my blog, The Cards We Drew, to see my progress!

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