Fall Decor Wreath

We took old, outdated plastic pumpkins and turned them into a modern, chic wreath for the front door with just a little craft paint, hot glue, and greenery!

Materials Needed:

  • HomeRight Paint Sprayer
  • Craft Paint
  • Hot Glue
  • Mini plastic/foam pumpkins
  • Embroidery Hoop Form
  • Greenery/Leaves/Faux Plants

We started by assembling our pumpkins onto an embroidery hoop wreath. Both the pumpkins and the hoop had been upcycled from other fall and holiday decor! Once the pumpkins were secured onto the wreath with hot glue, I placed inside of my HomeRight Spray Shelter and then used my HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer to paint it white with craft paint. I used one large bottle of craft paint and added a little water to make it a little less thick. Then I sprayed the wreath with several coats of paint until it was covered well.

After the whole thing dried, I started adding bits of greenery around the pumpkins and gourds. I started with leaves tucked in on all sides and secured them with hot glue. Then I went back and added some pops of branches and some little sprigs of teal flowers. I tried to keep the whole thing very neutral and more modern looking versus a traditional fall colored wreath.

Be sure that all the greenery is secured in place with hot glue and then hang on your front door to enjoy!! Just think--you were able to reuse old decor and create something beautiful and unique! I was able to complete this whole project for under $15!

Learn how to upcycle old fall decor and turn it into something different, whether it be a new use, new color, or new purpose! All with just a little paint and hot glue! See the full project from The Cards We Drew.

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