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How to Paint Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture

Properly restore and freshen up your outdoor furniture set with new paint! Apply it with a HomeRight sprayer for even coverage and a gorgeous, protective finish.


outdoor chair before


outdoor furniture after

Project Steps:

When people ask me how much paint I’ve used with a Finish Max Paint Sprayer, I can honestly tell them I really don’t know for sure. But! It’s probably upwards of 125 gallons since the Fall of 2011 when I got my first Command Max. Yes, I’m a brand ambassador for Homeright, but I use my Super Finish Max for 99% of all of my painting projects.


There are some projects that just don’t make sense using a paint brush. This set of outdoor furniture is one of those projects. I can’t imagine using a paint brush on all these grids. These chairs were black when I got them. I used green spray paint on them five years ago. It was time to freshen them up for my outdoor overhaul.

What do I need to do before painting?

Remove flaking paint
It’s not advisable to waste your time using a paint sprayer to paint flaking particles of paint.


This is a different project, but I wanted to make sure that you deal with rust. Resist the urge to paint over it. A wire brush is a good option. The chairs I painted had a little rust UNDER the base. It didn’t occur to me to wire brush and paint those bases. I have noticed they are leaving small rust rings on my concrete paver patio.


Clean project with soap and water

Clean furniture before painting

Allow project to dry completely


The chair on the right is almost ready to paint. Allow your project to dry completely before painting.

How to use oil base enamel in a Finish Max Paint Sprayer


For long lasting coverage, I chose an oil base satin enamel for painting my outdoor furniture.

Do Not Thin Oil Base Paint

Super Finish Max with oil based paint

I found this paint to be very thin, in fact I made a huge mess while pouring it. Follow the paint manufacturer’s directions, but rarely will you ever want or need to thin this paint for the Super Finish Max.
I prefer to paint the underside of my projects first. This was a tricky thing resting the chairs on my sawhorses. Upon laying it on it’s side, I made sure that it could set it upright and still allow another chair to be painted. This oil based paint is not like latex or spray paint that dries within a few minutes. This paint stayed tacky for many hours, but the benefit is that it'll protect the furniture better in the long run.

Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer

Using 2 light coats is much better than 1 heavy coat.

How to clean Super Finish Max after using oil base paint


Lacquer thinner is great for cleaning up a paint sprayer after using oil base paint. This exterior paint will not clean up with soap and water. I used a small amount to clean the paint cup. Then I sprayed a small amount of the lacquer thinner through the paint sprayer in order to clean the pick up tube and the nozzle. I recommend wearing latex gloves for this.

Soak sprayer parts in lacquer thinner


Leaving a little bit of lacquer thinner in the paint cup, I was able to completely clean the nozzle and air cap. Use caution when disposing of rags with lacquer thinner. If kept in a garage or shed, they can catch fire. I like to wet the rags.


The oil base satin enamel paint has such a good feel to it. The finish, is of course flawless using the Super Finish Max. This is not a project you would want to paint with a brush or a roller! The only downside was how long it took the paint to fully cure, but that has to do with the paint being used, not the sprayer. It was still tacky the next morning. I suppose I’m use to instant gratification with latex paint. But in the long run, I know this paint will last much longer with the furniture being out in the elements. Wondering what other outdoor items you can freshen up with this awesome paint sprayer? Check out all of my projects at My Repurposed Life.

How to Paint a Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture Set

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