Painting Faux Pumpkins

Create a modern, consistent look with your fall decor by painting faux pumpkins with a HomeRight sprayer.

Fall has been delayed this year and I had such a hard time finding regular orange pumpkins and there were absolutely no white pumpkins available anywhere. I have never used faux pumpkins before, but I didn't want to wait until mid October to decorate so I decided to shop around for some. I was only able to find orange, green and gold. But I wasn't worried because of the magic of paint! Make sure that the pumpkins are clean. Since they are lightweight, it helps to add some tape to the bottom to hold them in place while you spray.

Tape off the stems so they won't get painted. Protect your work area from overspray by using a spray shelter. I love the easy pop-up Small Spray Shelter!

Use a good quality paint that also has a primer so the orange coloring doesn't bleed through. Use the Super Finish Max and add a thin layer of paint. Wait for it to full dry and then add another thin layer. Repeat until it has full coverage. Thin layers of paint reduce the chance of drips and other messes.

Once they are all dry, you can remove the painter's tape. Then you can use them in your decorating! I used them in my outdoor decorating. I poked skewers into the bottom and then added them to my window boxes. I love that I will be able to use them again next year! See the full project on Not Just a Housewife.



Painter's tape

Spray shelter

Super Finish Max Sprayer

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