Painting Walls with the HomeRight PaintStick

Learn how to transform a space with paint! Painting a room can be a pain, but you can make the process easier with the right tools.

Paint is powerful! It can completely transform a space. But painting a whole room can be a pain. I have some tips on how to make this process faster, easier, and less messy!

I am going to be doing a room makeover for my nephew. The first step is to paint the walls blue. I bought several samples and tested them on the walls to help be decide. I went with a moody blue called NYPD by Behr.

Once I decided on a color and bought a gallon of it, I was ready to tape the baseboards, ceiling, and window and door trim. I also added a tarp around the perimeter of the room. If I was also painting the ceiling, I would have laid a tarp down on the entire floor.

I used the HomeRight PaintStick EZ-Twist. It is easy to fill and use. Simply attach the fill tube to the side of the paint can and insert the tip into the PaintStick.

Make sure the tab is open and twist the inner part of the handle. Paint will be sucked up into the handle. When you are done filling the handle, close the tab at the base of the handle and you are ready to paint!

There are holes in the paint roller that allow the paint to come through. Simply twist as you are rolling when you need a little more paint.

Once the handle is empty, fill again!

Once all the walls are painted, and before the paint fully dries, remove the painter’s tape by pulling at a 45-degree angle.

Once the walls have fully dried, you can start moving back the furniture and enjoying your new space!

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