chemical free cleaning pet bed

Pet Bed Cleaning

Learn how to clean your pet's bed using chemical free steam! This is a great pet friendly way to refresh the fabric and remove dirt from the dog or cat bed.

Our family consists of our parents, our siblings, our children, and also our pets. Our furry friends are devoted and deserve the care we expect of ourselves too. However, the mundane chore of cleaning up after them can get neglected. Today, I’m eager to show you how to not only make cleaning fun, but also how it can be done chemical-free. It’s a win-win for all living in the home.

Step 1:

Over the years, I’ve had several pets and each on has different needs. Currently, my senior dog, Teddy, deals with allergies, but has also recently torn his ACL and been diagnosed with old dog disease. No fun! This has kept me really busy making sure his needs are met. As a norm for my entire house, I keep it as chemical-free as possible. So, of course, I do the same for my pet as I would for me. Does this sight look familiar? Dogs love it dirty and stinky.

dirty dog bed

Step 2:

Enter in one of my favorite tools, the HomeRight SteamMachine Elite. This steam machine is perfect for over-all house cleaning, oven cleaning, car care, and more.

steammachine steam cleaner

Step 3:

First, fill up your machine with distilled water using the provided cup and funnel. Take your time and go slow. However, if you happen to overfill, the excess water will drain out the back letting you know to stop.

filling machine with water

Step 4:

Next, screw the lid on tight, but not overly so. Push the button to activate the build-up of heat/steam. Notice that in warm-up stage the orange light is on. When the machine reaches full potential, the orange light will turn off. Also, while you’re using the machine, the orange light will turn back on as the machine needs to make more steam. When it’s time to refill, you’ll need to let the machine cool so that you can safely open the water reservoir.

steamer warming up

Step 5:

Then, attach your nozzle and brush of choice. The set includes brass and acrylic brushes. In this instance, use the acrylic or the steam nozzle for extra deep clean. Squeeze the trigger to release steam while scrubbing. The machine can be loud, so I also like to wear hearing protection, and also eye protection in different jobs.

steaming dog bed

Step 6:

Once you get a section steamed, use the provided cloth to wipe off the grime and dirt. I needed extra rag towels because this pet bed is pretty dirty! Your pet bed will, obviously, be out of commission while it dries, but you’re sure to have a happy puppy or kitty when done.

wipe up dirt

Step 7:

Here is Teddy’s bed refreshed and ready to go. Isn’t it amazing what a difference the SteamMachine made? No chemicals to create a toxic environment for him or my family. Plus, it only took me less than 30 minutes to tackle.

clean dog bed

Step 8:

Teddy is happy, I am happy, and my home feels good. I know you can do this too! My goal is to inspire you to make your house your home. And, do it in a way that empowers you to tackle those DIY projects. Feel free to ask any questions. Likewise, I invite you to come see my other DIY projects from furniture, to remodeling, sewing, and, crafting - my online shop at Prodigal Pieces. Until next time!

sleeping dog

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