Room Makeover with the Super Finish Max

Want to makeover a room on a budget? Come and see how Not Just a Housewife redid her nephew's walls and furniture with a paint sprayer.

I had the chance to decorate my nephew’s bedroom this month and had so much fun coming up with a space that he would love. Some blue paint, a sports theme, and plenty of DIY projects later, here is his finished space! I couldn’t have done it without the PaintStick and the Super Finish Max.

The room before was definitely a blank slate.

Last month I used the PaintStick to paint the walls a nice blue color which is the perfect backdrop for the makeover.

He sometimes shares the room with his college aged brother, so we needed to keep both beds in the space. I decided to keep the room symmetrical and bought the same bed frames, made identical headboards and built two matching side tables. I knew I wanted to paint them a light gray since the walls were a bit darker. I picked a shade that would match the bedding and grabbed my handy Super Finish Max.

After I built the tables, I made sure all the saw dust was wiped off and the wood was completely dry. I laid out a tarp and propped the tables up on some scrap wood so the tables wouldn’t touch the tarp.

After the first coat has completely dried, I sanded them down again. When you paint raw wood, the grain raises. If you want a super smooth finish, you nee to sand it down. Wipe it off again with a damp rag and wait for it to dry before applying a second coat. I added a third coat for extra durability.

The Super Finish Max creates such a smooth finish! My youngest son told me he thought I bought the tables at the store because they look so shiny!

Once the tables were all painted, I added the hardware and put them in the room. They look great against the blue walls!

I’m so glad my nephew is so happy with his new space!

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