Spraying an Intricate Wicker Table

Use a HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer to achieve awesome coverage on furniture with intricate details.

I’m always looking for unique items to spray with my HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer. Once you start painting with it, you don't want to stop! That's why I was so excited when my grandma asked if I'd paint this intricate wicker table for her.


First, I set up my spraying area. I used my Wagner medium spray shelter to protect the piece from anything floating in the air. We have a lot of trees, and I didn’t want leaves, pieces of bark, or bugs getting on my project.


Next, I used tape to cover the metal pieces at the bottom of the table legs. It's a good idea to mask any part of your piece that you don't want to spray with paint.

Step 3

Next, I got my sprayer ready. I followed the guide in the HomeRight Super Finish Max manual to make my spray tip and air cap selection. I ended up using the green spray tip and the black air cap.

Step 4

After that, I prepared my paint. I used white latex paint, and diluted it with about 10% Flood Floetrol. You can also use water to thin your material when spraying latex paint or any other water-based paint.

Step 5

Before spraying directly on the piece, I practiced on cardboard! This way, I was able to ensure the paint was thinned properly and could play around with the settings to achieve an optimal finish.

You can turn the volume control knob on the side of the sprayer to adjust the material flow, and you can change the direction of the spray pattern (horizontal, vertical, cone) by turning the air cap.

Step 6

Then, it was time to start on the actual piece. I started with the table upside down. I made sure to spray this wicker piece from many different angles in order to get inside all the nooks and crannies. You can adjust the air cap to a horizontal spray pattern when spraying the legs, and I used a vertical spray pattern when spraying the rest of the table.

It only took about two coats! You’ll want to take a close look and make sure you didn’t miss any spots, so touch up as needed.

Step 7

Enjoy the fresh, new look of your wicker furniture! The rest of my grandma’s wicker on her porch is white, so now this piece matches perfectly. She was delighted to see it. Projects for other people can be so rewarding, and I wouldn’t have wanted to do it any other way than with my HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer!

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