spring mantel makeover

Spring Mantel Makeover

Learn how to decorate your fireplace mantel for spring using a Quick Finish paint sprayer to bring sunshine into the living room.

Do you decorate for spring? I don’t always, but it has been a long winter and spring seems to be taking her sweet time getting here. With the help of my Quick Finish sprayer, I was able to add some “sunshine” to my living room!

spring mantel

I bought some inexpensive terra cotta pots.

spring planter

I set up my spray shelter and turntable. It finally was warm enough to paint outside, but it was windy. If you have ever tried to spray when the wind picks up, you know the paint doesn’t end up on your project. The shelter is great and blocking the wind! The turntable makes it easy to paint all sides FAST.

painting clay pots

I used the same Yellow paint that I used on the metal card catalog project last year. It is a warm, golden yellow that screams “sunshine!” to me without being too bright. I sprayed two light coats of paint on the pots.

My favorite thing about the Quick Finish sprayer, is that it is so easy to clean! The motor detaches from the rest of the sprayer.

I am happy with how the spring mantel turned out. It really feels like spring in my home now!

spring mantel makeover

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