summer patio reveal

Summer Patio Makeover

Transform your patio for the summer months by creating a vibrant and eye catching outdoor space using the Quick Finish paint sprayer.

It’s finally here! Warmer weather. And with the nicer temperatures, comes spending more time outdoors. Our favorite spot is our patio. It’s been a few years since we have installed the patio and the sliding wall, so it needed a little freshening up to get it summer ready.

The sliding wall needed a new coat of stain, as did the air conditioner cover. I painted the pots green but after living with it that way for almost two years, I just didn’t love it. So I wanted to freshen those up too with a new coat of paint.

patio before makeover

For the pots, I made sure that I cleaned them really well.

Then I set up my handy-dandy Spray Shelter to protect the wet paint from getting things blown onto it and to protect the grass from any overspray. I placed a scrap piece of plywood under it so I had a nice flat surface. I put a garbage bag over the plant to prevent any paint from getting on it and I was ready to go!

masking planters

I used the Quick Finish Sprayer sprayer from HomeRight to apply the new color of paint on the planters. I love how fast and even it goes on! I had the two planters painted in no time.

painting planters

While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I tackled the staining. I used my Super Finish Max sprayer for this since my QuickFinish was full of paint. Plus, I had a lot of staining to do so I wanted the larger capacity cup.

I placed strips of cardboard behind the wood slats to protect the burlap fabric from the stain and then taped up some tarps behind it to protect the brick.

prepping space before stain

I was able to stain that giant thing so quickly! The new stain makes it look like new. I was able to stain the wall, the air conditioner cover, and refresh the front yard fence in less than 20 minutes!

staining planter wall

After cleaning out the flowerbeds, sweeping the patio, planting some flowers and other plants, and putting everything back in place, I was ready to relax on the comfy sofa and enjoy the nice weather.

transformed summer patio

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