fish mural on bathroom wall

Swimming Fish Wall Mural

Learn how to create a unique school of fish mural on your bathroom wall using a Quick Finish paint sprayer to quickly spray all the pieces.

Hi I’m Wendi from Today I’m going to share with you how to make a wall mural of swimming fish. This is a budget friendly project and can be made for under $20.

Because seeing is often much easier than just reading about it, I’ve made an informative video tutorial covering all of the steps in detail which you can see below too. If you’d also like to download my fish templates with three different sizes of fish, you can find them on my website at

Supplies needed to make a swimming fish mural:

Step 1:

Print and arrange the fish templates on a 2‘ x 4’ chipboard. Mark and cut the board into smaller pieces to fit the pages.

placing fish stencils

Step 2:

Use repositionable spray adhesive to attach the fish to the board. Be sure to wipe any sawdust off before spraying the glue.

spraying adhesive

Step 3:

Use a jigsaw or scroll saw to cut out the fish

If you're using a jigsaw, clamp the wood to a stable surface to keep your fingers away from the blade while you're cutting.

Peel the paper templates off the fish before painting them

cutting fish

Step 4:

I used my medium size HomeRight Paint Shelter to protect my porch from overspray. I placed a workbench inside with a turntable on top. Foam core boards or cardboard hold the fish and still spin freely for the paint sprayer.

I used my new Quick Finish paint sprayer with about 12 oz of diluted paint for each color. I used a primer but realized after painting it wasn’t needed.

Run clean water through the Quick Finish between paint colors to quickly clean it.

spraying fish

Step 5:

I made a mock-up of the shape of the swimming fish on the wall in the shape I wanted to create. Then, cut out paper fish and taped them to the wall following the mock-up to make sure I liked the shape of the school of fish.

fish mural template

placing fish mural on wall

Step 6:

Replace the paper fish with the painted wood fish. Attach the fish to the wall with 1” double sided tape.

diy fish mural complete

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