HomeRight Glossary

Airless Paint Sprayer – Airless paint sprayers use a piston pump to create a vacuum to draw the paint in one end (the paint can), and then force it back out through a hose to a spray gun at pressures of up to 1,000 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI). The pump causes atomization of air which results in paint spraying. Airless paint sprayers work with a variety of paint or stain materials including oils, latex, acrylic and water-based paints and stains. 

Adhesion – The ability of coating to stick to a surface.

Atomization – The break up of a liquid into small paint or stain particles to produce a fine mist.

Blistering – Bubbles formed on a painted surface caused by moisture in the wood by painting before the previous coat has dried thoroughly or by excessive heat or grease under the paint.

Body – The thickness or thinness of paint.

Brush Marks – Marks from brush that remain in the dried paint film.

Chalk Paint or Chalk Type Paint- Chalk Paint™ is a product specifically designed for furniture and cabinets. It is a water soluble paint, that usually requires very little prep work to a project.

Cutting In – Careful painting of an edge like wall color at the ceiling line or at the edge of woodwork.

Disstressing – Treatment of furniture, usually in the process of being antiqued, in order to make it appear older than it is. It consists of marring the surface or applying specks of glaze before varnishing.

Do-It-Yourselfer (DIYer) – This is a person that’s enthusiastic about “doing it yourself” home improvement project.

HVLP – High Volume, Low Pressure technology uses a high volume of air at a low pressure to apply the finish. Using lower pressure assures significantly less overspray.

Masking –  Temporary covering of areas not to be painted.

Roller Cover – A perforated roller cover attaches to a paint applicator where paint is fed through the handle. The perforations allow paint to flow through the roller cover and feed the paint onto the wall or surface being painted or stained.

Roller Nap – The length of fibers in a paint roller cover.

Spray Pattern – The pattern of spray that comes out of an airless paint sprayer, horizontal, vertical circular or fan.

Viscosity Cup – Helps measure the liquid’s run-out time, meaning the amount of time it takes for a liquid to drain out of the cup. This aids people in thinning the paint if needed to use in an airless paint sprayer.