How To Videos

Painting doors is time consuming...NOT! Watch this video to see how Gail with My Repurposed Life painted her closet doors in less than a minute!

Do you want to paint your bathroom ceilings, but don't want to spend money on hiring a contractor? Watch this video to see how Wendi with H2O Bungalow tackled this project herself!

Do you want to paint your room, but don't have the time? Watch and see how you can easily paint a room in one afternoon with the PaintStick EZ-Twist. 

Do you have a boring bathroom that you want to transform? Watch and see how Skaie with HomeJelly remodeled her simple bathroom into a work of art by using stencils!

Nothing says "spring" more than a good spring cleaning project! Watch and see how Larissa with Prodigal Pieces cleaned, organized, and painted her entire closet in one day!

Wendi with H2O Bungalow is here to show you how you can easily clean your tile floors with less mess and hassle! Her secret weapon? The SteamMachine 53. 

Watch and see how you can make Valentine's Day themed dish towels by using a heat gun! This would make the perfect gift for a loved one. 

Soot can easily build up on your glass fireplace window, but the SteamMachine is here to help! Use this tool to quickly blast away grime and clearly see your dancing flames. 

Watch and see how the Finish Max lays down a smooth finish to paint this Do-It-Yourself growth chart!

Watch and see how easily you can strip your furniture's varnish and paint by using the Digital Temperature Heat Gun!