How To Videos

Watch and see how these awesome storage bins were made with some scrap wood and HomeRight tools. 

An anthropologie desk can cost up to $2,000. Watch and see how you can recreate one for under $300. 

Watch and see how this dresser was painted at lightning speed with the help of the Super Finish Max.

Learn how to update dining room chairs by following this quick and easy tutorial by Heather Lyman Designs.

Watch and see how The Handyman sprays unthinned paint in the Super Finish Max to paint shelves in his workshop. 

Watch and see how Tres Refurbished used the Super Finish Max to remodel a bench for our #paintallthethings contest challenge!

This DIY project put our painting and upholstering skills to the test! Watch and see how we completely transformed an old, outdated furniture set. 

Mark Montano used the HomeRight spray shelters and our Super Finish Max paint sprayer to remodel a vintage, thrift store furniture set. Check it out! 

Watch and see how you can easily make a rustic headboard for your bedroom by using shiplap wood and the Super Finish Max. 

HomeJelly received a Spray Shelter Air Flow and instantly fell in love. Watch and see why this shelter is so great for DIYers, woodworkers, and crafters!