How To Videos

In this video by DIY Montreal, she shows you how to build a 4-sided walk-in closet island.

Watch and see how you can use the Super Finish Max paint sprayer to upcycle, transform, and remodel all of your DIY projects! There's no limit to what you can create with this handy paint gun!

If you're looking for a good handmade gift idea, you need to check out this pallet wood project!

Adding a stencil pattern to tile is easy when you have a Cricut and the Large Spray Shelter. Check out this fun project! 

Remodeling your home DIY-style is a great way to save money. Watch this tutorial video to see how to paint and hang brand new doors and trim! It's easier than you think. 

Is your child's play set looking worn and weathered in your backyard? Watch this video to see you you can make it look brand new again!

Painting a room may seem difficult, but if you have the right tools it can be easy enough for a kid to complete! Watch and see how it's done.

Decorate your patio or outdoor space for sping by creating these colorful planters! Watch this video by At Charlotte's House to see how it's done. 

Watch and see how this simple summer studio was transformed with a little bit of white paint and the Finish Max paint sprayer!

Watch and see how you can create a customized vanity mirror with a Cricut design and the Small Spray Shelter!