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StainStick applying stain to a deck

StainStick Stain Applicator


Eliminate hours of time consuming work from brush staining by hand by using the HomeRight StainStick. This amazing tool draws stain directly from the stain container with no back and forth to the can or tray. The durable neoprene pad provides professional results without all the back-bending work. It’s ideal for decks and patios, which makes it the perfect tool to have handy for your household projects. The pivoting, locking head with wrap-around pad works the stain into the surface and between the boards. Replacement pads are available. 

-1/4 inch thick flocked foam pad holds 3 oz of stain, 300% more than a 4" brush or foam roller

-Stain pad provides better results than a regular brush

-Handle extends to 54 inches, which means no bending

-Handle holds 18 ounces of stain. Simply push to feed stain directly to the pad

-Drawing stain directly from the can eliminates trays, drips, mess, and having to bend over

-Simply attach the StainStick to the fill tube and draw up the stain like a syringe


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