Stainstick with Gap Wheel by HomeRight
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Stain boards and gaps at the same time
Draw Stain Directly From the Can
Push Handle to Feed the Pad
StainStick with Gap Wheel Stain Applicator

StainStick with Gap Wheel

Eliminate Hours of Time Consuming Work
The StainStick with Gap Wheel is the best alternative to using a traditional brush or roller. You’ll eliminate the slow process of constantly bending over and going back and forth to your roller tray to refill on stain.

No Roller Tray, No Drips and No Mess
This staining tool holds 18 oz. of stain directly in the handle, removing the messy business of using a traditional roller tray. 
Stain Deck Boards and the Gaps In Between
The StainStick with Gap Wheel is designed to stain your boards in one pass and the built-in wheel easily stains the grooves in between the boards as you go. 

Draw Stain Directly From the Can
Attach the StainStick with Gap Wheel to the fill tube and draw the stain or sealer into the handle like a syringe. The handle can hold up to 18 oz. of material.

Push Handle to Feed the Pad
Provide even application to your surface by using the StainStick with Gap Wheel. The stain travels into the 7” wide pad, distributing an even, one pass application to your boards. 

StainStick Handle
The StainStick with Gap Wheel extends to 61 inches, reducing the back fatigue of bending over while staining. 

HomeRight Pad Advantages
HomeRight’s revolutionary pads have tightly woven bristles that pick up stain with less dripping. They work stain into your surface to provide superior penetration. 
  • Durable handle holds 18 oz. of stain
  • Extends to 61 inches for less bending
  • Includes StainStick, fill tube and stain pad
  • Replacement parts available
  • Backed by a two-year warranty

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