Old Cabinet Door to Vegetable Bin by My Repurposed Life

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Dining Room Set Refresh by Isaura Greene

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Isaura Greene won the HomeRight Dining Set Challenge; she won a Finish Max, Rapid Clean and Spray Shelter on our facebook page. She completed her project quickly with our tools and was nice enough to share the process with us and our readers. 

This is was the photo she submitted to us for entry. 


How to Clean Patio Cushions by The Cards We Drew

Monday, October 10, 2016 - 15:48 by HomeRight | Comments

This whole last three weeks my family has come down to help us get the outside of our house painted. And let me just tell you, painting the outside of your house is a TON of work. So while the guys are painting, my mom and I have been working on tidying up the garage and back deck and getting things ready for the winter. You see, with two kids and a full time job +'s hard for us to stay up on all the maintenance of living in the country on a large piece of land entails! And one of those things we have fallen behind on is...


Bed Frame Bench Tutorial by My Creative Days

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Easy Grilled Apples by The Cards We Drew

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This post is sponsored by HomeRight. All opinions are my own. This time of the year is definitely my most favorite--queue the apple picking, pumpkin patching, leave why not enjoy the best parts of fall? The delicious food! Today I want to show you how we're enjoying these falls days with these yummy and EASY grilled apples! Tonight after we grilled some BBQ chicken on the grill, I wrapped apples up in foil with this simple recipe and let them grill while we ate dinner. Once dinner was over, I pulled them off, let them cool a...


How to Clean and Detail Your Car by Prodigal Pieces

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Having a family of 8 can often mean not enough time to do the things we used to (like clean our cars every other week), and a bunch of messes (if you know what I mean). I can't say enough how happy we are to have been using our AutoRight steam machine to get our family vehicle in tip-top shape.

We inherited our used vehicle from a business where it was used as a company car. Not only were there awful food stains, but soap and chemical stains as well. As busy as life gets, it can be hard to make time for getting it done DIY style. It...


The Best Grilled Sirloin Steak by Erin Spain

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Meat and potatoes are classic comfort foods, and this meal definitely won't disappoint! These marinated steaks are so delicious, and with the HomeRight ElectroLight we were able to prepare them quickly on our charcoal grill.


Painting Kitchen Cabinets the Right Way by Snazzy Little Things

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 16:17 by HomeRight | Comments

Jeanette from Snazzy Little Things blog is painting kitchen cabinets for a second time and this time she decided to do it the right way. Check out her tips on using the Finish Max Sprayer to accomplish this task on her blog Snazzy Little Things. 

Kitchen before



Laundry Room Makeover in Three Days for Under $300! by The Weathered Fox

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Crystal from The Weathered Fox managed to makeover her laundry room in just 3 days and for under $300. Her hope is that it makes the house more appealing to potential buyers. Find out the details on her blog The Weathered Fox



DIY Antler Jewelry Tree by Rachel Teodoro

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