Re-Beautify Your Backyard for Spring Entertaining

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Old Frame to Stained Frame Wood Sign

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DIY Planter Box

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Hello HomeRight readers! My name is Larissa, and Prodigal Pieces is my part of the online world where I love to offer DIY projects and inspiration to make your house your home. Today, I'm am so excited to share with you my latest experience with a new-to-me HomeRight product, the Stain Sprayer. But first, let me tell you I would never hesitate to recommend one of their tools to you. I own several of them and have rave reviews for each. For this project, I wanted a new look to my home to take my curb...


StainStick - Thinking Outside the Box

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DIY Industrial Planter Box

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Spring Upcycled Ladder Planter

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This post is sponsored by HomeRight, all thoughts, words ,and opinions are my own. Last week I shared with you my Farmhouse Shed Makeover, that was quite an undertaking!! Today I wanted to show you how I started decorating the outside of the shed with this Spring Upcycled Ladder Planter! The previous owners had left an old ladder with baskets on the front of the house. I knew I wanted to do something with it someday, so I saved it and found the perfect place for it on the side...


The easy way to paint tall stairwells

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DIY Farmhouse Table With Deck Pro 9" Flat Stainer

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Fun Summer Dinners

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