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Serena Thrift DivingThrift Diving

Serena Appiah is a thrifter, blogger, vlogger, artist, mother of 3 young sons, and a wife. Serena has been blogging for nearly 10 years, although professionally blogging since February 2012 after she and her family moved from their cramped condo into a single family home, and began chronicling the home improvements to their outdated 1973 home. To make decorating and life more affordable, she used her love of thrift stores to start transforming her house into a comfortable home, one piece of thrifted furniture at a time. Thrift Diving now inspires and teaches other thrifty home enthusiasts how to decorate on a budget. She also hosts 30-day room makeover challenges where she and her readers motivate each other to completely transform one room in their home in just 30 days. She lives in the Washington, DC metro area with her family. 

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